FPV Drones

FPV (First Person View) drones open up a new world possibilities for storytelling. Many FPV drones, like Cinewhoops are safe to fly in close proximities with people, making for some incredible close up angles and perspectives never possible before.

Freestyle FPV drones are fast, and agile, ready for wherever the action, for sporting/racing activities, and capturing remote previously inaccessible beautiful landscapes.

At FPV Africa, we champion a wide range of uses of FPV drones, and can’t wait to work on telling cinematic stories with you.

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Aerial Video/Photography

Aerial drone photography and videography are a staple in today’s storytelling, marketing and promos. An aerial view of a property, a resort, landscape, a construction site, and more, offers easier connection to a business’ audience.

Using the latest and safest in drone technologies, we’re professionals capturing your stories to promote your business.

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