Ghana is home to over 30 million people. With such a huge population growth requires the need for big innovations and solutions to fix some of the biggest challenges facing the country. To shed light on some of the bigger picture progress ongoing, Aerial Ghana is a documentary series focus on telling cinematic stories about Ghana through aerial videos.

Over the years, KhoPhi and Ishmael Lamptey have been documenting many of the completed and ongoing infrastructural changes, as well as natural resources and tourist places within the country. In 2022 and beyond, they seek to tell stories with these fascinating captures.

The first episode, “Aerial Ghana – Moving Ghanaians with Massive Interchanges” is available to watch now on FPV Africa.

KhoPhi brought together a team of content creators on YouTubers who are passionate about telling inspiring stories.

Osei Kwame

Osei Kwame is a professional voice actor who creates content on his YouTube channel. Osei narrates the Aerial Ghana episodes.

Jennifer Somuah

Jennifer Somuah creates travel and lifestyle videos on her YouTube Channel. Jennifer is a pharmacist by day and helps with the scripting of Aerial Ghana episodes

Ishmael Lamptey

Ishmael Lamptey tells unique stories on his YouTube Channel, sharing interviews of uncharted places. Ishmael supports the Aerial Ghana series with his cinematic aerial videos.


Nkansah Rexford runs the KhoPhi. and FPV Africa channels on YouTube, with the FPV Africa in recent years dedicated solely to sharing drone videos.

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